Updating the Item Properties Displayed on a Nintex Workflow Task


By default, certain Nintex workflow task forms include an Item Properties panel that displays all the metadata and certain SharePoint columns for an item in a list/library . Since there could be a long list of columns, you can actually limit the columns that are displayed in the Item Properties panel. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the list/library that the workflow applies to.
  2. Open and modify the “Workflow Task View”. If that view does not exist, then create it with that exact name.
  3. Add or remove the desired column fields, then click OK to finish.
  4. The Item Properties panel on workflow tasks for that specific list/library will now display the column fields in the Workflow Task View.
  5. Notes:
    • The “Workflow Status” column will always be the first item in the Item Properties panel.
    • Any list/library view has to have at least one column in the view, so the…

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