Search Architecture with SharePoint 2013

Search Unleashed

I’d like to revisit the topics that Leo have so well described in his 2 previous posts titled  ”Search 101″ and “Search Architecture in SharePoint 2010″, but discuss those in the context of SharePoint 2013 Search.  This post will address general architecture of SharePoint 2013 Search, describe all the components involved and briefly touch upon the biggest changes when coming from FAST for SharePoint 2010 “world”.  Future posts will go deeper into each search component and provide both an overview and troubleshooting information.

  • Search 101: general concepts of search, including crawling, processing, indexing and searching (Leo’s initial post)
  • Search Architecture in SharePoint 2013: the overall architecture of search-related components in SharePoint 2013  (this post)
  • Planning and Scale (future post)
  • Installation / Deployment (future post)
  • Crawling
  • Processing (future post)
  • Indexing (future post)
  • Searching (future post)

Search 101

As Leo has described in his previous post, if are a complete ‘newbie’ as to how search engine should work, the…

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