SharePoint 2010 and PowerShell to count all list items in a Web Application


This problem manifested itself for a variety of reasons, but mainly, our vast Site and its subsites (over 400) have been growing very close to our List View Threshold (LVT), which has already been increased to 10,000.  Normally this wouldn’t be a huge problem, but the custom application we have sitting on top of SP 2010 does not handle lists over the LVT very well, as many of our operations perform tasks on “All List Items” – which as you know is disabled when you pass the LVT.   I have found that you can bypass this in code, however I am not a developer and the C#.NET project is over 600 files, which would be a huge undertaking  for someone like myself.  So, we needed to be able to identify and act upon any list in our web application that would be accessed by our code.  Without a development resource, I figured I’d…

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