Hardware requirements for all SharePoint 2013 components summarized


Update 2013-01-28 – New note added : Certain Installation Scenarios not supported

Listed below are all of the Hardware requirements that have been announced for SharePoint 2013 and it’s connected services and products.
Covered in the list are, in this order:

 SharePoint_logo_small SharePoint Forundation 2013
 SharePoint_logo_small SharePoint Server 2013
 Office_logo_small Office Web Applications 2013
 Project_logo_small Project Server 2013
 SQL_logo_small SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services in Integrated mode
 SQL_logo_small SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot
 SQL_logo_small SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services Server
 blksthl_B_small Reference links

Note: In addition to the listed HW requirements below, note that certain Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 installation scenarios are not supported
Not supported are: Dynamic Memory, ReFS(Resilient File system), Install on a DC, Install in a Workgroup, Install on Windows Web Server.

see Microsoft KB:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2764086

SharePoint Foundation 2013                Deployment type and scale               …

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