Unexpected exception in FeedCacheService.IsRepopulationNeeded: Communications with the cache cluster has experienced a delay past the timeout value,please increase the RequestTimeout of the client..

  1. http://blogs.technet.com/b/saantil/archive/2013/03/31/distributed-cache-in-sharepoint-2013-quot-unexpected-exception-in-feedcacheservice-isrepopulationneeded-cache-cluster-is-down-restart-the-cache-cluster-and-retry-quot.aspx
  2. http://melcher.it/2013/02/cache-cluster-is-down-restart-the-cache-cluster-and-retry/
  3. http://www.nobadthing.com/sharepoint-2013-unexpected-exception-in-feedcacheservice-isrepopulationneeded-unable-to-create-a-datacache-spdistributedcache-is-probably-down/

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